The Olympic Channel

A cross platform streaming product which showcases original programming, live events and breaking news. Aimed to inspire youth audiences around the world.

CLIENT  Olympic Broadcast Services
AGENCY  Ostmodern, London
ROLE  Design Lead (UI, Visual)
YEAR → 2016


Collaborative design approach

Design approach

A product the size and scale of the Olympic Channel required the team and I to gain a deep understanding of how the Olympic broadcast team produced content and how it would be delivered, aswell as learning how user's would interact and consume that content. 

We set out to create and produce a scalable design system that enabled us to present a variety of different content types in an effective and simple way. 

By designing a system of components we were able to create elegant layouts quickly and efficiently.


Visual language

My main responsibility across the project was to develop the Olympic Channel's visual language and UI. The challenge was to take the Olympic brand and implement it in a digital space, for a younger audience.

Brandboads are a great way to explore UI and visual ideas, agnostic of device or platform. The two iterations below take the same UI and assets and apply two very different visual design treatments.

Woking with a brand partner we explored two visual design routes; "Grunge" which included the use of texture and "Graphic Split" which splits imagery and graphic elements with the Olympic rings.

Design production

Design production

Working in sprints the UX team and I worked through designing each section of the product, putting out design system to the test. We had a shared understanding of user needs and business requirements at the start of each sprint so we could efficiently and effectively explore, create and deliver high fidelity design and detailed documentation.

By working in small teams and sitting side by side we were able to explore and test UI solutions quickly and had the ability to change direction, if needed, ensuring we were moving forward with the best design solution, always. 

The examples below include some key screens and design highlights from the project.



The Olympic Channel was launched at the opening ceremony in Rio 2016 to millions of viewers world wide and continues to be a core part of the Olympic offering.